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The managers of these all channels are proud to have 35 years of experience in entertainment and television activities, 30 years of which has been gained out of Iran especially in the USA. Now it is 11 years that the social and entertaining programs of these channels are being broadcasted by the Hot Bird and the Tele Star satellites, covering United States and Canada at the beginning and then globally, developing to be the first Non- Political Non- Religious Persian Language Global TV channels using today’s modern technologies. At the time being ITN Group network channels are known as the most attractive and the most effective-on -viewers, TV channels among the Persian Language channels outside Iran. The program production policies in these channels meet the taste and requirement of every particular level and age, respecting the commercial nature of the channels at the same time.

Based on the testimonies from the advertisers who not only have been advertising in the ITN Group network channels for 5 continuous years but have increased the volume of their commercials each year, ITN Group’s proportion in the Persian language Market with 160 million population is more than 60%, and 90% of its viewers are living in the Middle East Region. Mr. Hamid Shabkhiz, the CEO, the Chairman, the main owner and the final decision Maker in the ITN Group, started Iran TV, PEN TV and Live channel based on the social requirements of different ages of viewers particularly in Iran.

ITN -1 (Iran TV) as a family channel has its own viewers of every age and gender but its concentration is on the middle aged population considering their needs in the wide geography of Iran in the big cities and small towns. Therefore in 2003 PEN TV was launched in order to satisfy the teenage and young generation between the ages of 14 to 30 with its entertaining programs. At the same time, considering the corporatism and social issues in Iran and also to give a special attention to ladies, the ITN -2 (Live Channel) was launched in 2004, still conserving the founder’s main and most important policy for being a Non- Political and Non- Religious TV Network.
Now these three channels all together with a main management plan – being independent at the same time – under ITN Group’s strategic policies, are being broadcasted and the upcoming TV channels will fill the empty space of some lacking policies.
The unique way of production of the commercials and packages to support the traders including professional interviews, TV programs and different types of promotions to introduce and support the products, is an advantage for the three TV channels Iran TV, PEN TV and Live channel which makes them special among the other Persian Language TV channels outside Iran and causes more advertisers to work with them.

The varieties of programs in these channels meet every taste and the loyalty of the managers and the hosts has caused a public trust and every day the number of their Persian language viewers including Afghanis, Tajiks, Uzbeks and specially Iranians increases Presence of successful Iranian Traders in the UAE- Dubai and the short distance between Iran and the UAE and the large number of Iranian tourists who come to visit the UAE every season of the year were the main reasons that the managers of the network decided to establish an office in Dubai and following this decision in 2002 the ITN office was opened in Dubai. After widening the TV activities and establishing two more channels and developing to be more effective in Dubai, Iran and the region, ITN Group of Companies was established as the head office of these three channels in the Middle East, managing not only the TV channel but the ITN Advertising company and ITN Event organizing company as well, and now the Network’s Business development section is concentrating on getting the license to start the TV activities and productions in Dubai Studio City.

Periodic researches in the market, using the actual and the inner potential of the network, marketing and signing advertising contracts, TV program productions, Music video production for Iranian artists, holding concerts for Iranian & non Iranian artists, holding professional seminars and conferences for the advertisers, helping the advertisers who do not have their actual business in Dubai by commercial and business supports, producing professional and TV interviews and also independent business activities are only a part of responsibilities of the ITN Group as the head Quarter of the three Persian TV channels : Iran TV, PEN TV an Live Channel in the Middle East – Dubai.

Our colleagues in the Marketing and production sections in the regional offices of the USA and the UAE are at your service to offer your suitable packages to introduce your product and to give you businessmen, traders and professionals, more details.

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